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Love working on a DIY project but dread the prep? All that sanding, stripping and priming— who needs it? With Amy Howard's One Step paint, you can transform your furniture, cabinetry, and everything in between with just one swipe of rich, chalky-soft color. The best part? You can use it on Formica, plastic, metal, or even lacquered wood! So what are you waiting for? Pull up your sleeves and gather your materials— let's get started!

Everything you're going to need for the project

  • Quart of Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint (available at Coastal Fog)
  • Stir stick
  • 3-4 China bristle brushes
  • Cardboard palette (an old, clean piece of cardboard)
  • Antiquax (or your choice of light wax) 
  • Amy Howard at Home Dark Wax
  • Amy Howard at Home Dust of Ages
  • T-Shirt rag

Get started with this introduction video:

Step-by-step process

Follow our process with the step-by-step process below, or download the full PDF version for the comprehensive process (inspiration included).


  • Shake can for 1 minute and let it sit upside down while you continue to step 2. This step is very important because the shaking and stirring allows the pigments and natural adhesive ingredients to integrate.


  • It is important to begin with a clean surface. This simple step only requires wiping your piece down with a degreaser like vinegar or simple green in order to remove any dust, oils and dirt. That is it for prep work- no stripping sanding, priming necessary! 


  • Vigorously shake can for 2 minutes. *Don’t skip this step*


  • Open the can and stir with a stir stick or electric mixer until consistency is smooth throughout.


  • Use a brush to evenly coat your piece with One Step Paint.

 *One Step Paint can also be rolled or sprayed onto your piece.

*Avoid puddling the paint as it will result in a cracked finish


  • Let dry for 20 min or until dry to the touch. 


  • Repeat this step until desired opacity is achieved. 2 coats should be sufficient


  • If you desire your piece to have a matte, chalky finish you may leave the second coat as is. There is no sealing required for One Step Paint, however you can enhance your piece even more with the following options:

-Furniture Stain for antiquing (see how- to brochure or our website)

-Gold/Silver leaf Gilding (see how-to brochure or our website)

-Light or clear wax for a subtle satin finish and sealant for added durability (see how-to brochure or our website)

-Dark Wax- used sparingly on edges and details for antiquing


  • Enjoy your new piece and the bragging rights! Bonus: tag us in your Instagram photo (@shopcoastalfog)