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High Performance Lacquer

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Ever wish for the thick, rich, hard-high-gloss finish of actual lacquer on a piece of furniture, frame or home décor? Well now all you have to do is spray it on- and a pale, washy, faded piece can transform itself to an edgy, chic high-fashion statement piece set in lacquer. This spray-on wonder is an exclusive product to Amy Howard and is not available anywhere else; it can change the life of any furniture piece like no other product can.

Everything You're Going to Need for the Project

Get Started with this introduction video:


  • Cover your work surface for easier clean up. Make sure your piece is clean of any dust or dirt. Simply wipe it down with a degreaser like simple green or vinegar. Let piece dry entirely. 


  • Although it is not required, it is recommended that you lightly sand your piece with fine sandpaper (300-600 grit works great.) This will ensure that the finished piece has that sleek, polished lacquered finish. If your piece has cracks or divots fill them with a wood filler, and sand smooth


  • Vigorously shake your Furniture Lacquer Primer for 2-3 minutes. 
    • If your piece is metal or plastic and will be used for more than simply decorative purposes, we recommend getting primer made specifically for metal and plastic to increase durability.


  • Using the Primer, hold the spray can 6-8 inches away from your piece. Spray in a steady and consistent motion, starting and ending the spray off the edges of the piece, as though you were brushing on the paint.


  • You want to make sure the Primer has 1-2 solid coats. The primer’s self-leveling agents will help to fill in the grains to produce a smoother and sleeker finish. This primer will also act as a “sealing agent” to ensure that colors from the original piece will not bleed through with supple woods, such as mahogany. 


  • Before you apply the Furniture Lacquer, very lightly sand the primer to soften out any rough spots and ensure a consistent, smooth finish. Before moving onto the next step, thoroughly wipe down your piece with a tack cloth or dry rag to avoid undesirable build up from dust.


  • Vigorously shake your chosen color of Furniture Lacquer for 2-3 minutes. This is very important to integrate the high gloss lacquer particles and pigments.


  • Application: the tip of the nozzle can be turned to adjust for different angles.
    • For Horizontal surfaces: turn the tip to the position where the opening looks like: |
      • Then, holding tip about 6-8 inches from the surface, start off the edge of the piece and spray left to right. 
    • For Vertical surfaces-turn nozzle tip to look like this: ---
      • Spray in the same manner but working up and down instead of left and right. Be sure that the spraying is consistent and to overlap the applications. The application should be smooth and consistent for the best finish.


  • Let the first coat dry to the touch. It is recommended that you have 2-3 thin coats as opposed to 2 thicker coats. Before applying your next coat lightly sand imperfections with fine sandpaper and wipe away dust. 


  • Repeat step 8 until you are satisfied with your lacquered piece.  A lacquer finish is supposed to look sleek and solid. Take your time in applying your coats. This will ensure that you have a sleek, luscious finish.


  • Enjoy! And share your project with us by tagging us in your Instagram post (@shopcoastalfog).