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Amy Howard at Home Furniture Stain is an all-natural water based walnut stain. It is like the stains that have been used for centuries, not like the thick sticky stains you may think of today. It is most similar to a dye that will color porous surfaces with a beautiful natural walnut color. It can be used for many purposes like antiquing One Step Paint and staining raw wood before waxing or using Toscana Milk Paint. Here is the “how-to” for antiquing with wood stain. You can learn even more about this product in our workshops or asking one of the Coastal Fog team members.

Antiquing with Furniture Stain:

A favorite technique of ours is using Amy Howard Furniture stain over One Step Paint like you would a glaze.   


Paint your piece with One Step Paint.  Let dry.

(See One Step brochure for more details)


Apply furniture stain* to entire piece, focusing on details, crevices and ridges.

*can be diluted with water to be made lighter


While the stain is still wet, use a wet cloth or wipe* to remove stain from raised surfaces. This will highlight the raised areas and the stain will antique and visually deepen the details of your piece.

*baby wipes work very well for this


See One Step Brochure for finishing options or leave as is and enjoy!