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Cracked Patina

Coastal Fog

As painted pieces of furniture begin to age, they begin to have a more weathered and aged crack to them. With the Amy Howard at Home Cracked Patina, you can create cracks on your piece. Cracked Patina is also a collagen adhesive.

How to Apply Cracked Patina Video Tutorial


Start with a clean surface. If you want to paint over an existing finish like lacquer, stain or paint. You can apply the One Step paint, allow to dry for 30 minutes then apply one thin coat of cracked Patina. 


Allow to air dry completely. This will be approximately one hour but will vary with heat and humidity. Before continuing to the next step make sure it is dry by touching it. It should NOT be sticky.


Then apply a coat of water-based flat sheen paint, such as One Step Paint in long clean strokes. Don’t overlap the application process of paint, or you will have double processing. It is much like painting your nails- Long, concise applications of paint and not brushing into the last stroke of paint as to mess up the finish. 


Cracking . . . you will start to see cracking as the paint starts to dry.  You can come back and apply a second coat of paint over the cracked finished. To enhance the cracking, as the  second coat of paint is drying on the cracked finish, take a clean dry bristle brush gently pull the finish as it is drying to move the paint to create a texture in the finish. The goal is to soften the glacier like crack that is there and create a texture with a small crack underneath. Do this technique over the entire piece. 


We recommend sealing the finish with spraying a coat of clear lacquer, and then wax with the light and dark wax processes. If you are not able to seal the finish with spray lacquer you can seal with the light wax 100% and then add the 20% dark wax for color and patina. Follow up with the dust of ages and buff dry leaving the dust of the ages in the crevices.


Step back and admire your work!

Clean-up: Soap and water. Cracked Patina is very sticky so gloves are recommended for application.